Be a Monk in Japan

Feb. 9, 2020, 12:32 a.m.
127 Chapters
Alt. titles
Be a Monk in Japan,
High School Life of an Exorcist,
Type Manhua - Chinese
Author Huolong Media
Artist Huolong Media
Status Ongoing
Publisher Fuzhou Huolong Cultural Media
Release Year 2019
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A Chinese Taoist monk, He Xun, has his soul reincarnated into the body of a Japanese high school boy. He Xun, now Tanaka Mamori, uses his cultivation powers to ward off demons. Among his encounters, a Demon Fox known as Miyazawa Momoko, suffers a humiliating defeat at his hand. Determined to get back at him, Miyazawa transforms into a school girl, and attends classes with Tanaka in an attempt to seduce him.