Boukensha License o Hakudatsu Sareta Ossan Dakedo, Manamusume ga Dekita no de Nonbiri Jinsei

Aug. 10, 2019, 1:51 p.m.
0 Chapters
Alt. titles
Boukensha License wo Hakudatsusareta Ossan Dakedo,
Manamusume ga Dekita no de Nonbiri Jinsei wo Oukasuru,
I'm a Middle-Aged Man Who Got My Adventurer License Revoked,
but I Can Enjoy Life Because I Have a Lovely Daughter,
모험가 라이센스를 박탈당한 아저씨지만,
귀여운 딸이 생겨서 느긋하게 인생을 구가한다.
Type Manga
Author Ononata ManimaniWATANABE Itsuki
Artist TADAURA Fumi
Status Ongoing
Publisher Square Enix
Release Magazine Gangan Online
Release Year 2018
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Douglas was once known as a legendary strong magician. But now he is called old man, his body fails and becomes tattered. In addition, he's fired from the brave party, and eventually the guild strips him of his adventurer's license. In this way, Douglas, who was determined to travel alone, encounters a cursed girl, Ravi, while wandering, and the journey of two people begins.