Even If I Die With Miss Asanami, I Want to Cum

Sept. 15, 2019, 9:39 p.m.
13 Chapters
Alt. titles
Asanami-san to Shin demo Iki tai!,
Type Manga
Author URANO Ritsu
Artist URANO Ritsu
Status Ongoing
Release Year 2019
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A girl who talks about something very passionately is cute... But what if she is talking about the ways to kill people!? This is the story of Itsuki-kun, the class prez, spending time doing odd jobs together with the beautiful girl, Asanami-san. They spend time together in the cute-afterschool hours... but occasionally, a change occurs. When the topic comes to "Death"... she becomes extremely heated! Laying herself bare and lots of skinship! She transforms!! This is a slightly perverted love comedy where you can learn the ways to kill people with a pure and beautiful girl