The Gateway of Revolution

Dec. 7, 2019, 11:07 a.m.
92 Chapters
Alt. titles
Da Ni Zhi Men,
Dà nì zhī mén,
Repugnant Gateway,
The Gateway of Rebellion,
The Revolutionary Gateway,
Type Webtoon - Chinese
Author Zhi Bai
Artist Ou La Comics
Status Ongoing
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Fang Zheng, the head of the Ministry of Justice in the Da Yi Dynasty abhorred evil, a stance that antagonised many against him. Surrounded and attacked from all sides by his enemies, Fang Zheng died on Cang Luan mountain. But his soul would resurrect in a weak child, along with the memories of his past life, his passionate desire for justice, and his belief in punishing evil with evil. Fang Zheng will strike down those in his path without mercy until he becomes the most revered and respected on both heaven and earth.