Alt. titles
Alchemist of Steel,
Alquimista de Aço,
Full Metal Alchemist,
Fullmetal Alchemist,
Giả Kim Thuật Sư,
Стальной алхимик,
แขนกล คนแปรธาตุ,
강철의 연금술사
Type Manga
Author ARAKAWA Hiromu
Artist ARAKAWA Hiromu
Status Ongoing
Publisher Square Enix
Release Magazine Shounen Gangan
Release Year 2001
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In an alchemical ritual gone wrong, Edward Elric lost his arm and his leg, and his brother Alphonse became nothing but a soul in a suit of armor. Equipped with mechanical "auto-mail" limbs, Edward becomes a state alchemist, seeking the one thing that can restore his brother and himself... the legendary Philosopher's Stone. Won the 49th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shounen category. Won the 15th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award New Artist Prize. Won the Eagle Award's "Favourite Manga" in 2010/2011. Won the Seiun Award for best science fiction comic in 2011.

Tags :
Abandonment, Adapted to Anime, Adapted to Game, Adapted to Novel, Alchemy, Ambitious Goals, Amputees, Angst, Animal Cruelty, Award-Nominated Work, Award-Winning Work, Betrayal, Bodyguards, Body Horror, Bromance, Brothers, Civil disorder, Clever Protagonist, Comedic Moments in a Serious Manga, Conservation of Competence, Conspiracies, Contracts, Corrupt Organization, Dead Parents, Death of Loved Ones, Deception, Depression, Emotionally Strong Female Lead, Emotionally Strong Male Lead, Enemies Become Allies, European Ambient, Experiments, Father and Son, Female Author, Female Bodyguard, Female Engineer, Female Fighters, Flashbacks, Foul-Mouthed Characters, Friendship, Fully Adapted to Anime, GAR, Genocide, Godly Powers, Half-Human, Handsome Male Lead, Historical fantasy, Homunculus, Hot-Blooded Male Lead, Huge Cast of Characters, Human Experiments, Human Weapon, Immortality, Important Non-Romantic Relationships, Improvisation, Intentional Anachronism, Lost Civilizations, Male Demographic with Female Author, Mechanic, Melancholy Atmosphere, Military, Monsters, Mother and Son, Ninjas, Non-BL with Two Male Leads, Non-Democratic Nation, Obese Characters, Orphans, Parallel Universe, Parent-Child Separation, Philosophical Moments, Prodigy, Prosthesis, Psychopaths, Racism, Redemption, Reflections on Human Existence, Regret, Revenge, Romantic Subplot, Sacrifices, Scholars, Science Fantasy, Searching for Answers, Seven Deadly Sins, Short Male Lead, Show Less, Siblings, Slow Romance, Smart Male Lead, Steampunk, Strong Female Lead, Strong Male Lead, Strong-Willed Male Lead, Suffering, Time Skip, Tragic Past, Trainer-Trainee Relationship, Training, Village, Violence, Wars