I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything

July 26, 2019, 9:37 p.m.
4 Chapters
Alt. titles
I became the strongest with the failure frame "Abnormal State Skill" as I devastated everything,
Type Manga
Author SHINOZAKI Kaoru (篠崎芳)
Artist KwkmUCHI-UCHI Keyaki
Status Ongoing
Release Year 2019
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A high school student that has lived as a mob-character ―― Mimori Touka (三森灯河). During the school trip Touka and his classmates are summoned to another world. According to the summoned goddess, summoning so many best ranks like S-rank and superior ranks like A-rank heroes like this is very unusual. However Touka was the only with the lowest rank ―― he was an E-rank hero. The status is overwhelming low when compared to his classmates. Moreover Touka’s peculiar skill is supposed to be an absolute failure 【Abnormal State Skill】and… Thus the former mob-character and abandoned hero, will absolutely become the strongest devil as he advances and strikes back.