I Was Summoned By The Demon Lord, But I Can't Understand Her Language

May 14, 2020, 11:54 a.m.
35 Chapters
Alt. titles
I Was Summoned by the Demon King but I Can't Understand the Language,
I Was Summoned by the Demon Lord but I Can't Understand Her Language,
Type Manga
Author Utashima
Artist Utashima
Status Ongoing
Publisher Flex Comix
Release Magazine Comic Meteor
Release Year 2019
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Somehow, when I woke up in the morning... I found myself in a strange world with a strange girl !? This is definitely Different World Summoning!! It's the Beginning of My Exciting Adventurer Life... I thought But... "I couldn't speak a single word!" The summoner is a cute demon lord (maybe)!? We use gestures because we don't understand each other's language in an isekai communication love comedy!! (Source: Flex Comix, translated)