I Will Go and Disappear Obediently

Oct. 13, 2019, 11:27 a.m.
20 Chapters
Alt. titles
Watashi wa otonashiku kiesaru koto ni shimasu,
Type Manga
Author Kirie
Artist NardackRuru
Status Ongoing
Publisher Kadokawa
Release Magazine Comic WalkerFlos Comic
Release Year 2019
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From : I was reincarnated as the daughter of Duke Lystil, who has been serving the Royal Family for generations. By using the clairvoyance skill that I possess, I had divination about a battle over the family succession caused by myself in the close future, which would also cause an uproar huge enough to shake the country... To avoid such dispute and live an enjoyable life peacefully, I decided that I will run away from home! But with the Tsundere Prince ・Self-centered Servant being all over myself, it's quite hard for me to go and disappear!!