I'm An Opportunistic Princess In-Charge of Solving Things

Jan. 27, 2020, 3:58 p.m.
88 Chapters
Alt. titles
I Am a Princess Responsible for Settling Circumstances,
I'm a Princess In-Charge of Solving Things According to Self-Interest,
I'm an Opportunistic Princess In-Charge of Solving Things,
Soy Una Princesa Oportunista Encargada De Resolver Cosas,
Watashi ha gotsugou shugi na kaiketsu tantou no oujo de aru,
Watashi wa Gotsugou Shugi na Kaiketsu Tantou no Oujo de Aru,
Watashi wa Gotsugoushugi na Kaiketsu Tantou no Oujo dearu,
Type Manga
Author Mamechoro
Artist FUJI MitsuyaYONEDA Kazusa
Status Ongoing
Publisher Kadokawa
Release Magazine Comic WalkerFlos Comic
Release Year 2019
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From : Princess Octavia was a high school girl until she was reincarnated into her beloved BL novel's world. The fact that she's able to see her brother, the main character, and his lover so closely is a good thing, but both of them are male. If so, won't there be trouble with future heirs?! There's no way they'll make her take a political marriage to offer them a child, right?! I don't want to be a character who's taken advantage of like that! If this is how it would be, I will surely find my own partner to be happy.....!!!