Ima wa Mada "Osananajimi no Imouto" Desu kedo.

Sept. 5, 2020, 11:51 a.m.
11 Chapters
Alt. titles
I'm still a "my childhood friend's sister",
I'm still a "my childhood sister" now.,
Type Manga
Status Ongoing

I'm not so happy about a millimeter like this because I'm so fascinated by such a straightforward girl! ?

A junior junior will follow you every day! ?
I want you to bite me, comicalize a sweet comedy (thinking) with a self-proclaimed devilish heroine!

A younger sister, a younger sister, who entered the same high school, is a self-proclaimed Azatoi small devil. Self-proclaimed, warmth-loving skinship gachis. And it seems to be a "self-proclaimed beautiful girl who loves seniors."

Such a little devil (?) beautiful girl junior has come to pick me up from early morning today.

"Sempai! Hands! Let's hold hands! Warm me!" But I know only myself. It's a puppy who is really shy about the lights, blushes with the touch of my hand, and I'm teasing me, but my temper is tempered.

Small devil characters are only acting, and they can only be an excuse to approach me. And-I still don't like me.