Isekai Kenja no Tensei Musou ~Geemu no Chishiki de Isekai Saikyou~

Nov. 13, 2020, 12:19 a.m.
6 Chapters
Alt. titles
Isekai Kenja no Tensei Musou,
Reincarnation of Another World Sage,
Reincarnation of Another World Sage - Strongest in a Different World With Game Knowledge,
異世界賢者の転生無双 ~ゲームの知識で異世界最強~
Type Manga
Author SHINKOU Shotou
Artist SANJUU Sanjuu
Status Ongoing
Publisher Square Enix
Release Magazine MangaUP!
Release Year 2019
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A young man who has suffered an unfortunate death in the modern age was reincarnated as "Eld" in a world very similar to the VRMMO he was playing before. However, it was a world where even basic usage of skills was not known...! Eld who became an adventurer in the state of level 1, lowest job "Novice", is the strongest job "Sage" that no one in this world knows. Take the journey alone to change to a new job!