Isekai Kitchen: Arasa Eiyoushi no Second Life

Sept. 6, 2019, 8:52 p.m.
7 Chapters
Alt. titles
Isekai Kenkou Shokudou,
Isekai Kitchen: Around Thirty Eiyoushi no Second Life,
Parallel Universe Kitchen,
異世界健康食堂 ~アラサー栄養士のセカンドライフ~
Type Manga
Author OKOME Gohan
Artist KATSURA Ichiho
Status Ongoing
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Release Magazine ComicWalker
Release Year 2018
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Asayama Touya, a registered dietician, is suddenly sent to another world with his little sister Momoka. They stumble across a restaurant specializing in healthy food, but it ends up that the people of this world believe that food can't be healthy and taste good at the same time. Armed with his knowledge as a dietician, Touya begins working at the restaurant in hopes of changing the world's view of food and healthy eating. (Source: Denji)