Another World Munchkin -Conquering the Dungeon as the Strongest and the Fastest with Only 1 HP-

July 16, 2019, 5:06 p.m.
65 Chapters
Alt. titles
異世界マンチキン ―HP1のままで最強最速ダンジョン攻略―,
Isekai Man Chikin -HP 1 no Mama de Saikyou Saisoku Danjon Kouryaku
Type Manga
Author SHIMIZU Yuu
Artist AOGIRI Makoto
Status Ongoing
Release Year 2019
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From : Depicting the story of a shut-in, Kirihara Yukito, after being reincarnated into another world. His peaceful life with his precious caring sister, Sana, suddenly come to an end when a beast appeared and attack them, thus reincarnating him into the “Ever World”. Moreover, knowing that Sana also got reincarnated into the Ever World, for the sake of finding his beloved little sister he begins his journey in another world….