Isekai Mokushiroku Mynoghra

Dec. 19, 2020, 4:21 p.m.
25 Chapters
Alt. titles
Isekai Mokushiroku Mynoghra: Hametsu no Bunmei de Hajimeru Sekai Seifuku,
Mynoghra the Apocalypsis - World conquest by Civilization of Ruin,
異世界黙示録マイノグーラ ~破滅の文明で始める世界征服~
Type Manga
Author KAZUNO Fehu
Artist MIDORIHANA Yasaiko
Status Ongoing
Publisher Kadokawa
Release Magazine Comic Walker
Release Year 2020
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I reincarnated as an evil god. Ira Takuto succumbed to illness at a young age and ended up reincarnating in a world that resembled the strategy simulation game, 『Eternal Nations』, of which he loved playing when alive. What appeared in front of him was Atou, a girl belonging to the evil civilization that he used to play as, 「Mynoghra」. The two of them decided to create a new country in this world once again.