Ishuzoku Kyoushoujo Sextet!

Aug. 9, 2019, 8:51 a.m.
32 Chapters
Alt. titles
Oversized Sextet!,
Type Manga
Author Amagaeru
Artist Amagaeru
Status Ongoing
Publisher Mag Garden
Release Magazine MAGCOMI
Release Year 2019
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Meet the adventuring school's highest honour student, Touru. Once he got to study abroad, he had a reunion with his childhood friend Nikka. However, what he thought was a girl as human as he was, she was actually a giant of the ogre lineage! Everything is mega-sized in this city of giants. His childhood friend is 100cm taller than him. Somehow his classmates are only girls. Even though he doesn't mean to, miniskirts flutter all around him. Brandish your sword and sorcery in this school-life harem story!!