Kami Skill (Kokyou) suru Dake de Level Up suru Boku wa, Kamigami no Dungeon e Idomu.

Dec. 20, 2019, 6:51 p.m.
50 Chapters
Alt. titles
Type Manga
Status Ongoing

At the age of fifteen, the world is given skills from the queen. Lana, who had dreamed of becoming an adventurer, gave me a [breathing] —the playful thing “I can inhale and exhale”. Depressed, Lana decides to take on a dungeon with her childhood friend Prine to save her sister, Mary, who has fallen asleep under the curse of a witch. I don't know that I was given the strongest skill [God breathing] ... Aim at the bottom of the dungeon with the strongest skills! -From "Become a novelist", the first orthodox adventure fantasy!