Kuudere Sugiru Mirai no Yome no Mendouna 7-kakan

Sept. 30, 2019, 10:37 p.m.
3 Chapters
Alt. titles
7 days of cumbersome future bride,
Type Manga
Status Ongoing

I picked up something that seems to be a runaway girl. Next to the convenience store tobacco vending machine. The protagonist, Katsuki Hirakat, who thought she would get involved in a crime if she let down her cardboard hand-made bill that says “Please pick it up”, reluctantly thought it would be troublesome Take it home and protect it. She makes a joke even if she hears the background of running away from home. The two of them promise to stay together for a week for a limited time, while exchanging conversations that do not mesh. At the end of a cohabitation life that is not familiar to each other, the two.


(Google Translated)