Level 1 no Saikyou kenja ~Noroi de sai kakyuu mahou shika tsukaenaikedo, kami no kanchigai de mugen no maryoku o te ni ire saikyou ni~

Sept. 2, 2020, 12:23 p.m.
18 Chapters
Alt. titles
Level 1 Strongest Sage - [Cursed By The Evil God,
Can Only Use the Lowest Magic,
But Gains Infinite Magic Power by Misunderstanding,
and be the Strongest],
Type Manga
Author Kizuka Maya
Artist Kanna
Status Ongoing
Publisher Hifumi Shobo
Release Magazine Comic Polca
Release Year 2019
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One day, Kijou Haruto was forcefully transmigrated and cursed by a god from another world. A world of swords and magic. In this world you get stronger by increasing your battle levels. But due to a curse, Haruto is unable to gain levels. However, due to a mistake by the Evil God, Haruto was able to obtain an inexhaustable supply of magic...