Maid kara Haha ni Narimashita

Aug. 9, 2019, 8:55 p.m.
38 Chapters
Alt. titles
From Maid to Mother,
Meido Kara Haha ni Narimashita,
От горничной до матери,
Type Manga
Author YUDZUKI Seiya
Artist TSUKIMOTO Asuka
Status Ongoing
Publisher Alpha Polis
Release Magazine Regina
Release Year 2016
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A high school girl reincarnates in another world as Lily. While she occasionally reminisces about her past life, she is now known as "the Maid of the Royal Family," after helping to rear the lady who eventually married the crown prince. One day, the court magician Leonard suddenly requests that she acts as a mother for his adopted daughter Jill. /