Mannen D-rank No Chuunen Boukensha, Yotta Ikioi De Densetsu No Ken Wo Hikkonuku

Aug. 2, 2019, 7:05 p.m.
0 Chapters
Alt. titles
Type Manga
Author KUZU Shichio
Artist HARUKI Atsushi
Status Ongoing
Publisher Square Enix
Release Magazine MangaUP!
Release Year 2018
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"Lucas has a hard life. In his mid-thirties, a mixture of failures has left him old and crippled, playing pack mule to a couple of young adventures. Then one day, he pulls a magic sword from a stone that tells him he has been chosen to become a hero. Given a youthful form, Lucas must use the power of the sword to vanquish evil and attain a massive harem. Before you ask, it’s not isekai because he’s been in this world from day one. It wish fulfillment, though, so in the end it’s basically the same thing."