Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Dungeon wa Kindai Toshi~

Aug. 9, 2019, 1:48 p.m.
61 Chapters
Alt. titles
Dungeon Builder: Demon King’s Labyrinth is a Modern City,
Maou-sama no Machizukuri! Saikyou no Dungeon wa Kindai Toshi,
Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Dungeon wa Kindai Toshi~,
마왕님의 도시 짓기! ~최강의 던전은 근대도시~
Type Manga
Author TSUKIYO Rui
Artist YOSHIKAWA Hideaki
Status Ongoing
Publisher Overlap
Release Magazine Comic Gardo
Release Year 2018
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Beings that create and control monsters and demons, beings that build and reign over malicious labyrinths, the chosen individuals to possess an overwhelming Unique Skills. They are the Demon Lords. Demon Lords entice people to come to the labyrinth they have built and eat the people´s despair as their nourishment. However, Creation Demon Lord Procell has decided that he will obtain people´s hopes and not their despair as nourishment, and built a happy town instead of a malicious labyrinth to collect human beings.