Medical Return

Sept. 30, 2020, 12:09 a.m.
99 Chapters
Alt. titles
Medical Hwansaeng,
Medical Rebirth,
Medical Reincarnation,
Medikeol Hwansaeng,
Return: Aru Gekai no Gyakushuu,
Реинкарнация врача,
메디컬 환생
Type Webtoon - Korean
Author yuin
Artist Yeon Jae Joong
Status Ongoing
Publisher Kidari Studio
Release Magazine KakaoPage
Release Year 2018
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Kim Jihyun, who lived his life as a disreputable surgeon, gains a second chance to relive his life. He then goes back to his middle school days, and live his life to the fullest unlike before, he studies nonstop. His goal is to become a dermatologist who make lots of money instead of the poor surgeon he was from previous life!