Daishinkan-sama wa Konkatsu-chuu

Aug. 19, 2019, 4:28 p.m.
30 Chapters
Alt. titles
The Archbishop is Searching for a Marriage Partner,
Type Manga
Artist Mei-Q-Rondo#80 (Yasuyuki Syuri)
Status Ongoing
Release Year 2019
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I was studying for a test, slowly succumbing to the lull of sleep, when my eyes fluttered shut... And the next thing I knew, I had tripped into another world—— I found myself in a remote village in the countryside, Thrall Village. From being taken in by the village chief as his adopted daughter, to learning about the country and its language, my leisurely life there had begun. In this manner, six years quietly flew by. But one day, I was suddenly summoned to the royal capital to become a priest’s secretary!? Moreover, I received an important task — to find a bride for the Archbishop!