Alt. titles
Rain (SUMIKAWA Megumi),
Type Manga
Author YOSHINO Takumi
Artist SUMIKAWA Megumi
Status Ongoing
Publisher Mag Garden
Release Magazine Comic BladeComic Garden
Release Year 2008
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The small country Sunkwoll is in a tight spot because it's under attack of the great country Zarmine. But the general, Rain, who's reputed to be an exceptionally gifted swordsman, is against the war and won't enter the battle. But how is one supposed to wage a war like this anyway? Note: Author passed away in Feb 2019.

Tags :
Alcohol, Alcoholic, Alliances, Anti-Love Protagonist, Appearance Different from Actual Age, Assassins, Bad Experiences, Bad Luck, Based on a Novel, Beautiful Female Lead, Betrayal, Calm Protagonist, Comedic Moments in a Serious Manga, Comedic Undertone, Confident Protagonist, Dead Family Members, Dead Friends, Dead Parents, Demons, Distant Parents, Dragons, Dragon Slayers, Emotionally Strong Female Lead, Empires, Empresses, Enemies Become Allies, Enemies Become Friends, Facade, Fearless Male Lead, Female Lead Falls in Love First, Flashbacks, Geniuses, Handsome Male Lead, Happy-Go-Lucky Protagonist, Harem Subtext, HeirHeiress, Honest Protagonist, Huge Cast of Characters, Incomplete Due to AuthorArtist Death, Intelligent Protagonist, Invincible Protagonist, Kind Female Lead, Kind Male Lead, Kingdoms, Kings, Knights, Legend, Legendary Hero, Legendary Sword, Loyalty, Magic, Magic Books, Magic Items, Mercenaries, Mixed Blood, Mysterious Male Lead, Negligent Parents, Nobility, Older Male Younger Female, Orphans, Pacifist, Past Plays a Big Role, Perceptive Male Lead, Politics, Politics Involving Royalty, Princesses, Promises, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Protective Friend, Queen Regnant, Queens, Quirky Characters, Reluctant Protagonist, Romantic Subplot, Royalty, Scary Male Lead, Scheming Characters, Scheming Male Lead, Searching for Someone, Secret Identity, Secrets, Soldiers, Special Abilities, Special Weapons, Strategic Minds, Strong Male Lead, Strong-Willed Female Lead, Strong-Willed Male Lead, Succession, Sword and Sorcery, Swordsman, Tactician Protagonist, Tragic Past, Training, Traumatic Past, Unaging Male Lead, Unaging Protagonist, Vampires, Wars, Weapons