The Rebirth of the Demon God

Jan. 29, 2020, 10:49 a.m.
123 Chapters
Alt. titles
Rebirth of Demon Reigns
Type Webtoon - Chinese
Status Ongoing

[Updated every Thursday and Sunday] A generation of Emperor Demon Emperor Shi Tian was tragically betrayed by his relatives, and was killed by five siege by the right path. When the whole world thought that there was no demon in the world, Emperor Shitian was born strangely and lived as a monk apprentice. Facing the situation of total loss of mana and weakness of the flesh, he chose to forbear, reshape the magical power, and rose strongly. However, under the pressure of the so-called Five Sects of the Right Path, Emperor Shaotian will embark on the road of revenge, the Bloodblade Renegade, sweeping through the five Sects, and reappearing the demon statue!

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