Saikyou party no zatsuyou-gakari ~ Ossan wa, muriyari kyuuka o tora sa reta youdesu ~

Oct. 3, 2019, 8:10 p.m.
10 Chapters
Alt. titles
最強パーティーの雑用係 ~おっさんは、無理やり休暇を取らされたようです~
Type Manga
Status Ongoing

The choreographer, Kutto, who belongs to the strongest party of “Take a vacation”, was given a request for a vacation.
Kuto, who can't mess with the achievements of a party that boasts a “request achievement rate of 100%”, is going on a journey to carry out the mission of “relaxing at a hot spring inn for a month”.
However, unfamiliar combat & office cheering worker Holic is the same as when on vacation-!?


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