Samayoeru Tensei-sha-tachi no Relive Game

Aug. 17, 2019, 11:15 a.m.
21 Chapters
Alt. titles
ReLive game of Wandering Reincarnations,
Revival Game of Wandering Reincarnations,
Type Manga
Author SAITOU Kenji
Artist HINO Haruto
Status Ongoing
Publisher Fujimi Shobo
Release Magazine Dragon Age
Release Year 2019
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When "Nice Guy" Asai Manatsu's marriage proposal gets rejected, he thinks his day can't get any worse, until a Knight in Skull helmet tries to kill him! He's saved by a beautiful, silver-haired swords-woman and told to flee, but his nice guy impulses are too strong and he saves her from an attack, getting himself killed in the process. As he dies he wishes to be reborn in a world where people won't judge him for taking care of others...