School Foolishness

March 14, 2020, 11:01 a.m.
171 Chapters
Alt. titles
Campus Cultivation Madness
Type Webtoon - Chinese
Status Ongoing

Exclusively updated every Friday and Sunday, Wang Dabing accidentally picked up a cultivation system. From then on, a wicked cultivation school was born! Geniuses and geniuses were turned into waste material in front of him, and those who bullied him would naturally become a slag . The system comes up and shines! Alchemy draws the Fubu array refining machine learning test, as long as you complete the task, just sing along on the road of pretending to force! Super rewards allow you to hang on to everything. As for the system tasks, the class teacher who arrogantly acts wantonly, kisses the class flowers sought after by the school ... System, are you serious?