Shokubutsu Mahou Chito de Nonbiri Ryoshu Seikatsu Hajimemasu Zense no Chishiki o Kushi Shite Nogyo Shitara, Gyakuten Jinsei Hajimatta Kudan

Dec. 21, 2020, 5:35 p.m.
17 Chapters
Alt. titles
Start a Leisurely Lord Life With a Plant Magic Cheat After Farming With the Knowledge of the Previous Life,
a Reversal Life Began,
植物魔法チートでのんびり領主生活始めます 前世の知識を駆使して農業したら、逆転人生始まった件
Type Manga
Author Ryoto Kae
Artist IWASAKI Takashi
Status Ongoing

Exploring undeveloped unexplored regions from scratch! Creating and building a city with plant magic! Elt, who reincarnated in an MMORPG as an aristocrat, was branded as incompetent and was thrown out as a manager of a remote area with zero territories. However, his "plant magic" was the best all-purpose magic for territorial development! As he cultivated by utilizing the magic that produces from crops to buildings and the knowledge of the previous life, the territory increased and became lively. Moreover, the territory that should have nothing is actually a treasure trove. A pioneering record of a different world, the opening of comicalization!