Shuumatsu Sekai no Hakoirimusume

Oct. 11, 2019, 12:18 a.m.
24 Chapters
Alt. titles
Shuumatsu Sekai no Hakoiri Musume,
Type Manga
Author Miaawa
Artist Miaawa
Status Ongoing
Publisher Mag Garden
Release Magazine MAGCOMI
Release Year 2019
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The story of the future to the extent that humanity will perish. Musume, a girl who wants to pamper herself, and No. 10, a clumsy and over-protected humanoid biped robot. One person and one aircraft are still exploring the ruins today. Even if you are both in a wide world, I'm glad if you are together. The end-of-the-world x pseudo-family of the end-of-end journey!


(Google Translated)