Skill Unparalleled

Dec. 8, 2019, 8:07 p.m.
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Alt. titles
Skill Unparalleled,
Непревзойдённое боевое искусство,
Type Manhua - Chinese
Author Lejiang Wenhua
Artist Tadpole
Status Ongoing
Publisher AC.QQ
Release Year 2018
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The Tianwu Boxing Hall in Haicheng City is the largest boxing gym branch in the world. In order to earn money for the medical treatment of his little sister, Su Chen came to the Tianwu Boxing Hall to do some competing. Because of his outstanding learning ability and strong comprehension, Su Chen became the "gold medal trainer" of the boxing gym. However, Su Chen's splendid performance attracted the jealousy of the gym leader Wang Tingwei. Despite the risks, Su Chen wants to use these opportunities to achieve even greater heights in his professional field.