Suterare Yuusha wa Kitakuchuu

July 12, 2019, 11:57 p.m.
11 Chapters
Alt. titles
The Abandoned Hero is Going Home,
Type Manga
Author Naname44°
Artist Kikuyarou
Status Ongoing
Publisher BookLive
Release Magazine Comic Corona
Release Year 2017
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I, Ogata Yuuto, and my classmate, Hijiri Youichi, were suddenly summoned to a different world. Apparently, the summoner Lilia tried to summon a hero from another world to save hers. But there was only supposed to be one hero, and Youichi was said to be the true hero as he held more magic power. While thinking of what do onwards, I was abandoned by Lilia in a world I knew nothing about. I, who was not the hero, was treated like trash. However, when checking my status what was written was different. There was a hidden section that indicated that I was the hero, despite possessing a low amount of magic power.