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Sept. 28, 2019, 10:59 a.m.
39 Chapters
Alt. titles
追放者食堂へようこそ! ~最強パーティーを追放された料理人(Lv.99)は、田舎で念願の冒険者食堂を開きます!~,
Tsuihou-sha Shokudou e Youkoso! ~ Saikyou party o tsuihou sa reta ryouri hito (Lv. 99) Wa,
inaka de nengan no bouken-sha shokudou o Hirakimasu!~
Type Manga
Status Ongoing

The cook, Dennis, who was exiled from the strongest guild. He opened the Adventurer's Cafeteria with a slave girl atelier. Dennis's warm and warm cuisine using supreme cooking skills will heal the hearts and bodies of adventurers.


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