Well, transfer failed! ? ……success?

Jan. 25, 2020, 10:36 p.m.
71 Chapters
Alt. titles
ten'i shippai! ? …… Seikō?,
えっ、転移失敗!? ……成功?
Type Manga
Status Ongoing

Given the strongest skill set, I wake up …… the original world !? Reality, another world, rampage with cheat skills!

A reluctant factory worker, Yoichi Todo, was involved in a truck accident with a certain young man.
A woman who appears in front of Yoichi in a pure white space that seems to be the post-mortem world. Given the cheat ability, you can reincarnate into a fantasy world of swords and magic ... At the tip of the expectation, you are told that you were just involved.
As a result of the complaint, Yoichi was given the royal road skills of [appraisal], [infinite storage], [language understanding], and [return], and was transferred to a different world. The place where I woke up from my life just working to live and woke up with hope to enjoy life in a different world was in any way the original world ...
Osiris Bunko's hit title, the long-awaited manga version! ▼ Check the special page for details https://hnovel.jp/special/comic_tenni-sippai/

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